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085Hello friends and thank you for stopping by my wee blog! I have started this blog to get away from Facebook and see where it leads me. This is my first attempt so lets give it a whirl…

My name is Sarah Keir and by day (and plenty nights and weekends too) I am a┬ásmall animal veterinarian in the South-East of England. The rest of the time that I call my own I bake plenty of cakes, craft all sorts and am obsessed with vintage chic. My perfect weekend would be sunny (naturally), wearing a 1950’s dress and apron, knock together a teddy or vintage inspired brooch, make some delicious cakes and have friends round to enjoy them. The rest of the time my taste testers are my husband, Mr K, and my work mates who devour anything I produce. Anything that fails goes to the chickens – my lovely girls that keep me supplied with fresh eggs for my baking attempts.


  1. Back to the roots. Your blog is wonderful, love your vintage style, cookies, even the chicken. Fresh eggs every morning. Good luck with your bog, hope to read soon the news.May many people will be guests!

  2. sarah says:

    Hi Pamela, Thank you for your kind comments. It’s inspired to add my recipe from last night to the blog – a 15th century recipe for mince pies!

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