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More jewellery making!

June 5, 2016 by sarah

I spent another enjoyable day making jewellery, this time using something called ‘silver clay’. It is silver held within a binding compound which allows you to mold, sculpt and generally mess around with it as it handles like a clay. But when fired (which can be done with a blow torch for small pieces), you are left with something which is 99% pure silver! Isn’t that brilliant! ┬áIt is much easier to pick up than traditional silver smithing techniques and I can see many applications of this to play with but I don’t think it would replace traditional techniques: it is complementary. And probably a dangerous habit considering the cost!
























I have a small amount of clay left so I am thinking of making some small charms, perhaps even a honey bee!

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  1. This is really impressive and beautiful I love the stone setting on the clay. Just gorgeous. I didn’t realise you can set stones as well as impose texture on the clay.

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