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  1. Happy New Year

    January 1, 2014 by sarah

    Happy New Year to you all! Thank you for finding and following my blog as I find my feet with this new experience over this first year. And here’s to finding out new things together over the year and years to come.













    I feel 2013 has been a good year for me. I think it is because I have had to be much more focused this year, but in being more focused I have also achieved a lot more than just pottering around life, switching from this to that as the mood took me. I think the restlessness inside me has quietened for now as it has purpose. I am much more busy than I have been for years because of the study for the certificate course I am doing. I knew before I started it would be hard getting my now ten years older brain back into its learning gear for proper studying, which I hadn’t done since finishing vet school. I have to admit that in the summer the pressure nearly got too much for me but luckily I got a lifeline (a half day off a week to commit entirely to studying) and help (thank you Anne-Marie) and took stock of my life before it was too late. When I was young I really thought that excelling in my career was the best way to be happy, that it would somehow make me into a “successful adult.” But now I’m not so sure. I get so much pleasure from the other things in my life, and from having the time to cook and make things. I’m starting to really believe that it’s those things that make me feel successful because the only real success is true happiness. I also realise how lucky I am to have my husband to support me, though sometimes I wish the support could transpire into more practical help such as cooking and cleaning but we can work on that.

    This year I have gained a whole lot of new knowledge and conglomerated knowledge I already had but was fragmented. It has also been good to focus my cooking and baking for new aims, namely for posting on this blog and entering the local show. And to have a weight lifted in finally finishing a long abandoned craft project, the scrapbook of our holiday in 2005. And as usual, as one project is finished, the hole is filled with at least half a dozen new ones. At least I am never going to run out of ideas to blog about and I am never going to be bored. Only boring people get bored!

    This year has also involved a change of mindset. Primarily realising that I am changeable; I can mold me to be more effective, more useful, more focused.













    I am looking forward and planning for the year ahead.  I have two new projects lined up for this blog so look out for them over the next few days. I am so excited about them and I hope you will be too. My brain is over flowing with ideas, currently hastily scribbled in my notebook so now I need to form them into fully fledged ideas that can take flight (oh, that was a bit poetic).

    As always for this time of year, we make New Year resolutions to revel and delight in the prospect of a new day, a fresh start, one more try at life. So my resolution is to promise to make the best of any moment I have, any situation I am in and with any friends I am with. Life would be boring if it stayed the same, lets change it for the better, one day at a time.

    Sarah xxx