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Trip to Cake International

March 29, 2015 by sarah

Today I had a lovely day in London at the ‘Cake International’, the sugarcraft, cake decorating and baking show. It was packed even when I arrived at 11:30 but there was enough to keep me occupied until it closed at 5pm. The best bit was looking at the competition entries. There were absolutely amazing sugar flowers that looked too perfect they actually looked fake or made of silk! I got some great ideas for future cake decorating and bought a few bits and bobs to decorate my own cakes including a DIY silicone mould kit. Some more fun ahead using that!

I am so tired now that instead of a recipe you can have a look at some photos. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out just as I got to the cupcake section so there are no photos from that class! The first photo is of a ski boot novelty cake I made a few weeks ago. The photos after that are from the show.


The ski boot made by me!




First place in the novelty Easter cake class.


First place in the floral decoration class – those flowers are made of sugar!


First place in the wedding cake class – very simple but perfectly executed.


Second place in the wedding cake class.


First place in the small novelty cake class.



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