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November, 2015

  1. Ethiopia trip – we’re back!

    November 30, 2015 by sarah

    We have just got back from our trip to the wilder parts of Ethiopia in the Afar/Danakil region. It was an absolutely fabulous place and brilliant experience with an amazing group of people. I was a little dubious that I could fill three days and nights on an active volcano but I found it mesmerising and constantly changing. Getting back to normal life and reality is going to be difficult after this adventure!

    Ode To Erta Ale

    Erta Ale you are so fair
    With your golden pele's hair,
    Such a beautiful and mesmerising sight
    I wish I could stand here all night
    And take pictures of the changing light.
    Lava fountains of spectacular height,
    Splashing plumes of orange and yellow
    As you churn, grumble and bellow;
    We feel Earth's raw power and in awe
    Know that after three days we still want more.
    Erta Ale in your lava embers
    Such sights we will forever remember.

    Me and Jim next to Erta Ale lava lake.


    Erta Ale lava lake.


    Erta Ale at dawn.


    Pele’s hair on Erta Ale.


    pāhoehoe lava on Erta Ale.


    Night time displays were the best but also the most difficult to photograph!


    Sulphur vents at Dallol.


    Camel trains carry hand worked salt blocks from Dallol to the highlands.

     ethiopia-011 ethiopia-012

    Our group.


    Toyota Landcruiser of the desert.


    Into the cooler highlands.


    Inside Ethiopian church.

     ethiopia-017 ethiopia-018

    Ethiopian food is delicious.

  2. Mille feuille

    November 13, 2015 by sarah

    Just a very brief post to say bye-bye for a couple of weeks as we are off on holiday – back to lovely Ethiopia. I was hoping to have time to write some posts before I went but I ran out of time. So I’ll leave you with a little taster of what is to come… dulce de leche mille feuille!

    Cheats recipe – Bought ready-rolled all-butter puff pastry. Bake according to packet but lie a heavy flat baking sheet on top to prevent too much rise. Cool on wire rack. Once cool, carefully cut into rectangles. Caramalise the top of what will be the top layer with sugar under the grill or with blow torch.

    Whip cream until soft peaks, fold in dulce de lech and pinch of salt. Spread some more dulce de leche on the top of the bottom and middle layers of pastry. Pipe the flavoured cream on top of the bottom and middle layers and sandwich together, adding some carmalised nuts if you have some available. Done. Eat. Enjoy.




  3. Homemade Artisan Chocolates

    November 3, 2015 by sarah

    Not a recipe as such this week. After the chocolatier course I attended in September, I have been dreaming of chocolate. So as a treat for finishing my course work, plus some early Birthday presents, I gathered together the necessary ingredients and equipment to make some professional looking chocolates. The tempering went very well though I think I need some more practice with the hand dipping – it was rather messy and thick. The molded chocolates I filled with salted caramel (mmm) and the hand dipped ganches are an ale flavoured ganache, recipe as Paul A. Young here. I used ‘Death or Glory’ ale from the local Tring microbrewery and it was fantastic – who would of thought it, beer flavoured chocolate!

    chocolates-001 chocolates-002 chocolates-003