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Tea Party Time!

August 19, 2015 by sarah

I have only just realised that it is a month since I posted anything on my blog – shame on me! But I have a couple of very good reasons. Firstly I have been concentrating on getting course work for my certificate completed, though I have to admit I am still behind on this. Secondly, I have been busy getting ready for a tea party I hosted at the weekend, to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. I couldn’t believe how much organisation and planning it took before hand and then I reckon I cooked, baked and made for about 30 hours in the couple of weeks and days in the run up to the tea party! I must be mad! But it was also very satisfying and enjoyable at the same time and I have some wonderful new recipes to share with you over the coming weeks so keep a look out… Here is quick look at the cake table and other things…

tea party day-001

The table is laid…

tea party day-002

Lots of yummy cakes!

tea party day-003

Lemon and blueberry cake with elderflower Italian meringue topping.

tea party day-004

Macarons, cupcakes and cherry and chocolate cake.

tea party day-005

The menu.

tea party day-006

Enjoying the garden.

tea party day-008

The food table once everyone had gone!

tea party day-007 tea party day-009


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